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Editorial Board Member - JAFT

Osman Erkmen

Department of Food Engineering
University of Gaziantep

Dr. Osman Erkmen is a professor of food microbiology in the Department of Food Engineering at the University of Gaziantep (Turkey) since 2004. He received his BS degree in Biology (1985) and MS degree in Food Microbiology (1987) from the METU (Turkey). He did his Ph.D. in General Microbiology in 1994. He started his career as a research assistant at the Department of Food Engineering in 1985 and later became an assistant professor in 1994 and associate professor of Food Microbiology in 1999. He teaches courses in Food Microbiology, General Microbiology, Food Sanitation, and Food Toxicology. He has published over 100 research articles and book chapters in the fields of Food Microbiology, Food Toxicology, Food Sanitation, and General Microbiology with more than 1500 citations. He is the editor of the book Gıda Mikrobiyolojisi (Food Microbiology) in Turkish language and is the author of four books: Food Microbiology Principles into Practice (Volume 1, 2), A Laboratory Manual in General Microbiology and Basic Methods for the Microbiological Analysis of Foods. 


Dr. Osman Erkmen’s research interests, he expanded his research on nonthermal processes and natural antimicrobials in food preservation; production of fermented foods and products; (thiamin, lycopene and citric acid); and microbial inactivation kinetics and modeling; and combined effect of nonthermal processes.

Other Editorial Board Members - JAFT

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College of Biosystems Engineering and Food Science
Zhejiang University

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Nutrition and Food Technology Division

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Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences
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Department of Science of Agriculture
Food and Environment
University of Foggia
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