Journal of Forensic Science & Criminology

Editorial Board Member - JFSC

Russell D Frew

University of Otago
Department of Chemistry
New Zealand

Dr. Russell D Frew is a professor, Department of Chemistry in University of Otago, New Zaeland. In 1991, PhD, chemistry, University of Otago. In 1988, BSc (Hons First Class; Chemistry), University of Otago. From 2013-present he is Professor of Chemistry, University of Otago. From 2011-present he is Director of Forensic Analytical Science programme, University of Otago. He is an analytical chemist with research interests in applying analytical tools to gain understanding of ecological systems. Recent research has focussed on the interaction of chemistry (nutrients) with biology in controlling primary productivity in the oceans and developing novel tools for tracing the flow of nutrients (energy) through food webs.

He was awarded in 2014 IAEA/FAO, Merit Award for Outstanding Performance, in 2012 University of Otago Distinguished Research Group Medal, in 2011 Prime Ministers Science Prize. He published 88 articles in open access journal and participated in 3 Conference proceedings.

  • Trace metals in natural waters
  • Stable isotope geochemistry
  • Paleo-chemistry 
  • Geochemical provenancing

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