Journal of Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry

Editorial Board Member - JVSAH

Monique Mancuso

Coastal Marine Environment Institute (IAMC)
National Research Council (CNR)

Dr Monique Mancuso is a Researcher III Professional level of Coastal Marine Environment Institute - National Research Council (CNR) of Messina (Italy). She was Scientific Coordinator of a Project for Young Researchers in 2003.  On 2004 she attended at the Summer School Ph.D. "Environmental issues of marine fish farming in the Mediterranean" (Hellenic Center of Marine Research). On 2006 received a Ph.D. in “Health marine environment, ichthyopathology and hygienic quality of the fish”. Since 2004 she is a member of the Italian Society of Fish Pathology (SIPI). She is reviewer of 3 Scientific Journals. Since July 2010 she is a member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Aquaculture Research & Development. Since 2012 she is Professor at the School of Specialization in: Breeding, hygiene, pathology of aquatic species and control products (Veterinary Medicine), teaching Laboratory technology and biotechnology for diagnostic purposes. She is author of about 108 papers both international, nationals, reports etc.


Aquaculture, Mariculture, Microbiology, Marine Ecology, Ichthyopathology, bacterial diseases and diagnosis. 

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