Journal of Forensic Science & Criminology

Editorial Board Member - JFSC

Gillian Tully

Principal Forensic Services Ltd
United Kingdom
Gill Tully has played a leading role in many of the significant innovations in forensic genetics over the past 20 years. These include the first multiplex PCR systems, mitochondrial DNA analysis, Low Template DNA analysis, automation of DNA methods and development of integrated portable DNA devices. Gill’s in-depth knowledge and experience in the development and validation of methods to court-worthy standards and close links with operational practitioners has led to her involvement in quality reviews as well as high profile cases where the validity of scientific methods was at issue. Gill has also collaborated extensively with laboratories across the world, both on research and on development of quality standards.

Development of rapid, integrated DNA analysis methods;
Enhancing the quality of forensic genetics through improved understanding of DNA transfer and persistence and through reduction and detection of contamination;
Effective integration of forensic science innovation into operational forensic science, through effective process design and validation;
Enhancing evidential evaluation for haploid genomes.

Other Editorial Board Members - JFSC

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Portuguese Institute of Legal Medicine
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Oakland University
United States
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