Journal of Biostatistics and Biometric Applications

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  • Journal of Biostatistics and Biometric Applications
  • Journal of Biostatistics and Biometric Applications
  • Journal of Biostatistics and Biometric Applications
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Classifying Stress from Heart Rate Variability Using Salivary Biomarkers as Reference.

An accurate and noninvasive stress assessment from human physiology is a strenuous task. In this paper, a pattern recognition system to learn complex correlates between heart rate variability (HRV) features and salivary stress biomarkers is proposed.

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Spatiotemporal Directional Number Transitional Graph for Dynamic Texture Recognition

Spatiotemporal image descriptors are gaining attention in the image research community for better representation of dynamic textures, A dynamic-micro-texture descriptor, i.e., spatiotemporal directional number transitional graph which describes both the spatial structure and motion of each local neighborhood by capturing the direction of natural flow in the temporal domain.

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Learning Compact Binary Face Descriptor for Face Recognition.

A compact binary face descriptor (CBFD) feature learning method for face representation and recognition. Given each face image, we first extract pixel difference vectors (PDVs) in local patches by computing the difference between each pixel and its neighboring pixels.

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GIAO C-H COSY simulations merged with artificial neural networks pattern recognition analysis. Pushing the structural validation a step forward.

The structural validation problem using quantum chemistry approaches (confirm or reject a candidate structure) has been tackled with artificial neural network (ANN)-mediated multidimensional pattern recognition from experimental and calculated 2D C-H COSY

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An Effective and Novel Neural Network Ensemble for Shift Pattern Detection in Control Charts.

Pattern recognition in control charts is critical to make a balance between discovering faults as early as possible and reducing the number of false alarms. This work is devoted to designing a multistage neural network ensemble that achieves this balance which reduces rework and scrape without reducing productivity.



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