Journal of Genetic Mutation Disorders

Aims and scope

Journal of Genetic Mutation Disorders (JGMD) facilitates rapid dissemination of novel discoveries and new advancements  in all aspects of genetic mutations and disorders including gene therapy, genetic syndrome. JGMD covers various types of chromosomal abnormalities, gene interaction and diseases.

Topics related to genetic mutations and disorders but are not limited

  • Chromosome Abnormalities
  • Medical Genetics
  • Clinical Genetics
  • Gene therapy
  • Cancer Cytogenetics
  • DNA damage repair
  • Genealogical Tracing
  • Hereditary genetic disorders
  • Types of mutations
  • Abnormal gene expression
  • Epigenetics
  • Gene mapping with three-point crosses
  • Forward and Reverse genetics
  • Genetic linkage and genetic maps
  • Transposes: jumping genes
  • Human Genetics
  • Plant genetics
  • Human genetic disorders
  • Plant genetic disorders
  • Mutation rates
  • Genetic disorder therapies
  • Genetic polymorphisms
  • Gene inheritance and Transmission
  • Gene expression and Regulation
  • Annotation of the genomes of human
  • Genetics of Infectious Diseases
  • Genetic alterations underlying complex human diseases



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