Journal of Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry

Editorial Board Member - JVSAH

Jing Yang

Associate Professor
Department of Comparative Biosciences
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
United States

Dr. Jing Yang completed his PhD in Shanghai Institute of Biochemistry, China. In 2004, he joined the faculty at the Ohio State University, Department of Pediatrics. In 2011, he moved his laboratory to the Department of Comparative Biosciences at the College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.


Vertebrate embryonic development, reversible protein phosphorylation, signaling transduction, maternal genes.

Other Editorial Board Members - JVSAH

Jerry R. Roberson

Associate Professor
Theriogenology/Large Animal Medicine
Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine
West Indies

Korinn Saker

Associate Professor
College of Veterinary Medicine
North Carolina State University
United States

Diana L. Eubanks

Associate Clinical Professor
Chief, Community Veterinary Services
Mississippi State University
United States

Abdelfattah Y. M. Nour

Department of Basic Medical Sciences
Purdue University
United States

Robert Kinobe

Senior Lecturer
Physiology and Pharmacology
School of Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences

Feng LI

Department of Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences
South Dakota State University
United States

Kelly A Brayton

Associate Professor
Department of Veterinary Microbiology & Pathology
Washington State University
United States

Andrzej Wernicki

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
University of Life Sciences

Cheryl S. Rosenfeld

Associate Professor
Biomedical Sciences
University of Missouri
United States

Mohammad Obaidat

Assistant Professor
Food Safety and Zoonotic Diseases
Jordan University of Science and Technology
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