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Editorial Board Member - JNND

Lars Larsson

Department of Clinical Neurophysiology
Karolinska Institutet

Dr. Lars Larsson is Professor of Department of Physiology and Pharmacology and Department of Clinical Neurophysiology at Karolinska Institutet, Sweden. He received MD and PhD degrees and a specialist degree in clinical neurophysiology from Karolinska University Hopsital, Sweden. He did his post-doctoral training at the Pennsylvania State University, Padova University and University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA.

He has also held the position as the Marie Underhill Noll Professor at the Pennsylvania State University, Professor and Chair at Clinical Neurophysiology, Uppsala University Hospital. He is a primary and secondary mentor for the graduate and postdoctoral students. He has published over 200 peer-reviewed articles.


Dr. Lars Larsson's research work has focused on the mechanisms underlying the impaired muscle function associated with aging and primary and secondary myopathies affecting sarcomeric proteins. He identified the first ICU patient with critical illness myopathy in Sweden 20 years ago and has since then studied the mechanisms underlying this acquired myopathy in clinical and experimental studies, developed sensitive diagnostic methods and introduced specific intervention strategies.

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