Journal of Neurology and Neurological Disorders

Editorial Board Member - JNND

Sheila Crewther

School of Psychological Science
Univerity of La Trobe

Professor Crewther began her studies at Melbourne University then moved to the US to complete her PhD in Neuroscience at Caltech under Nobel Prize Winner Professor Roger Sperry.  Sheila has professional qualifications in Neuropsychology, Education and Optometry and these underlie her research into the cognitive and behavioural neuroscience of neuroplasticity in neurodevelopmental and neurodegenerative anomalies. The aim is to use this knowledge to design better behavioural and therapeutic management regimes.  Professor Crewther led the Victorian Government Department of Human Services Review and Report ‘Prevalence and services for children 0-6 years of age with ‘Autism Spectrum Disorders in 2002 -2003.   This has resulted in substantially increased funding and the initiation of the first state government general assessment plan for those with autism and their families in Australia.  She has also led the research that initiated increased Australian optometric focus (2004-2010) on the role of children’s functional vision in reading and learning and in Intellectual Disability.

  • Cognitive Neuroscience
  • Behavioural and Molecular Neuroscience

Other Editorial Board Members - JNND

Hongbin Fang

Associate Professor
Department of Biostatistics, Bioinformatics & Biomathematics
Georgetown University
United States

William J Winslade

Department of Preventive Medicine and Community Health
The University of Texas Medical Branch
United States

Gang Chen

Jiangsu Key Laboratory of Neuroregeneration
Nantong University

James Tao

Associate Professor
Department of Neurology
The University of Chicago
United States

Wei Liu

Assistant Professor
Director of Rehabilitation Biomechanics Lab
Auburn University
United States

Robert H. Rosenwasser

Department of Neurological Surgery
Thomas Jefferson University
United States

J Vernon Odom

Department of Ophthalmology
West Virginia University
United States

Avner Meoded

Neuroimaging Research Fellow
United States

Dominique M. Durand

Department of Biomedical Engineering and Neurosciences
Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland
United States

Tang Wai Kwong

Department of Psychiatry
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Hong Kong
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