Clinical and Experimental Research in Cardiology

Editorial Board Member - JCERC

Saadeh Suleiman

Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry
University of Bristol
United Kingdom

Professor Suleiman currently holds the Chair of Cardiac Physiology at the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry, University of Bristol. Professor Suleiman is a founding member of the Bristol Heart Institute which has become one of the top cardiovascular research institutes in the UK. In 2003, the University of Bristol awarded him the higher degree of DSc in recognition of the distinction of his research. Other distinctions include being a member of the team that was awarded the UK Hospital Doctor Award for Team of the Year in Surgery and runners up for Cardiovascular Medicine, election to the executive committee of the British Society for Cardiovascular Research, elected as Fellow of both the International Academy of Cardiovascular Sciences and the Society of Biology. 


The aims of Professor Suleiman’s research have been to investigate the cellular mechanisms underlying the damaging effects of cardiac insults and to formulate cardioprotective strategies based on interventions that oppose metabolic and ionic disturbances. 

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