Journal of Genetic and Hereditary Research

Editorial Board Member - JGHR

Lizhong Wang

Associate Professor
Department of Genetics
University of Alabama

Dr. Lizhong Wang is an Associate Professor, Department of Genetics, the University of Alabama at Birmingham, AL, USA. Prior to that, he worked as an Assistant Professor at the same university. He is a member of American Association for the Advancement of Science and Member of American Association for Cancer Research. He authored a number of publications. 

Dr. Lizhong Wang's research interests focus on human molecular genetics, including cancer and autoimmune diseases. His research group has established the new concept of FOXP3 as the first X-linked tumor suppressor gene in human cancers. In particular, they provided the first evidence that FOXP3 is frequently deleted and mutated in human breast cancer (Cell, 129: 1275-86, 2007), and that FOXP3 is the first X-linked tumor suppressor gene implicated in prostate cancer (Cancer Cell, 16: 336-46, 2009). Recently, they have taken a new research direction, based on our preliminary observations, to pursue innovative projects in identifying microRNA dysregulation and developing genetically engineered mouse models. We will focus on identifying the molecular mechanism of microRNA regulation in tumor cells, which is very important for understanding FOXP3-mediated tumor suppression. Furthermore, they will also utilize new approaches with both forward and reverse genetics to develop more human-like mouse models of prostate cancer, which will aid the search for cancer-causing genes and improve the predictive value of laboratory cancer drug testing. The identification of new human cancer genes and understanding of their role in the formation of tumors will provide a potential avenue to explore new therapeutic strategies. In addition, apart from the tumor suppressor FOXP3, their research also focuses on identifying the functional role of the potential oncogene CD24 in the development and progression of both breast cancer, prostate cancer, and multiple sclerosis.

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Nikhil Arvind Sangle

Assistant Professor
Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry
Western University
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