Journal of Neurology and Neurological Disorders

Editorial Board Member - JNND

Wei-Yen Hsu

Department of Information Engineering and Management
National Chung Cheng University

Wei-Yen Hsu is a Professor of Information Engineering and Management, and Director of Healthcare Data Mining Center at National Chung Cheng University in Chiayi, Taiwan. He received the Ph.D. degree in the Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering, National Cheng Kung University, Tainan, Taiwan, in 2008. He received a Young Investigator Presidential Award at Taipei Medical University and National Cheng Kung University. He is a Founding Member of Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) Society.

  • Neuroscience Methods
  • Brain-Computer Interface
  • Neurophysiology
  • Neural Engineering
  • Computational Neuroscience
  • Non-linear Dynamics of Neural Systems
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Medical Image Processing

Other Editorial Board Members - JNND

Kelly Sullivan

Assistant Professor
Department of Neurology
University of South Florida
United States

Shengwen Calvin Li

Faculty Scientist
Center for Neuroscience and Stem Cell Research
University of California-Irvine School of Medicine
United States

Yan Zhou

Associate Professor
Department of Pharmacology
Guangxi Medical University

Wayne Brake

Department of Psychology
Center for Studies in Behavioral Neurobiology
Concordia University

Huangui Xiong

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University of Nebraska Medical Center
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David Paul Richman

Department of Neurology and Center for Neuroscience
University of California
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Karen Kathleen Szumlinski

Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences
University of California

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Department of Neurology
The University of Chicago
United States

Alok Dabi

Assistant Professor
Department of Neurology and Neurosurgery
University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB)
United States

Hongbin Fang

Associate Professor
Department of Biostatistics, Bioinformatics & Biomathematics
Georgetown University
United States
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