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Editorial Board Member - JSOC

Domenico Rubello

Department of Nuclear Medicine and PET/CT Centre
Santa Maria della Misericordia Hospital

Dr. Domenico Rubello is the Director of Department of Nuclear Medicine and PET Unit, Rovigo Hospital, Italy. He obtained the post-graduate Academic Degree in Nuclear Medicine in 1993 at Padova University, Italy. He is an esteemed member of many professional associations, and has been invited as speaker and/or chairperson and/or reviewer of scientific papers at more than 400 international and national congresses, symposia, courses, etc. He is also a member of the Editorial Board and/or Reviewe of various scientific journals.

Dr. Domenico Rubello performes more than 120 peer-revisions per year and He is author of more than 1000 scientific papers.


The principal fields of scientific research of Dr. Rubello in the last years are listed below:

  • PET/CT  experimental research in animals and in humans
  • Small animal PET
  • Nuclear medicine and radiology animal study (rat and monkey)
  • Kinetic and biodistribution studies of positron emitter radio-tracers in oncology and neurology (18-Fluoro-Choline, 18-Fluoro-DOPA, 18-Fluoro-Timidine, 11-Carbon-Methionine)
  • Comparison between scintigraphic imaging and morphologic imaging (US, CT scan, MRI) in head and neck diseases and in oncology, pneumology, endocrine tumours
  • PET-CT in oncology and radiotheraphy planning
  • Physiology and pathophysiology of endocrine tumours
  • Development of new PET radio-tracers labelled with 68-gallium-labelled compounds, 11C-labelled compounds, and 18F-labelled compounds
  • Development of new PET softwares for oncologic examinations
  • PET and molecular imaging
  • Radio-guided surgery of thyroid cancer
  • Radio-guided surgery of parathyroid adenomas, sentinel lymph node biopsy;
  • Radioiodine treatment of thyroid cancer,
  • Diagnosis and treatment of neuroendocrine tumours.

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