Journal of Microbiology and Modern Techniques

Editorial Board Member - JMMT

Jose V. Torres

Department of Medical Microbiology and Immunology
School of Medicine
University of California at Davis
United States

Dr. Jose V. Torres is working as a professor in the Department of Medical Microbiology and Immunology, School of Medicine at University of California at Davis, US. He completed his Ph.D. in Immunology at Baylor College of Medicine, Texas. He received many awards and honors.He is a member of many professional societies. He has many publications. . He is actively involved in global health biotechnology transfer to the poorest countries of Latin America.  He is passionate about worldwide conservation of the environment, plants and animals and works in the preservation of endangered tortoises and lizards.  


Dr. Jose V. Torres research primary research interests focuses on antigenic variation at the epitope level.  His work includes the characterization of multiple antigenic sites for viruses including influenza, SRV, SIV, HIV, HCV and HPV.  His current research employs antigenic variation in the development of cancer immunotherapeutic vaccines 

Other Editorial Board Members - JMMT

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Department of Mycology
Pasteur Institute of Iran

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Department of Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics
Hashemite University

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Department of Biological Science
Ubon Ratchathani University

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Virginia Commonwealth University
United States

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Federal University of Minas Gerais

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Ubon Ratchathani University

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Chinese University of Hong Kong
Hong Kong

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Department of Microbiology
University of Tikrit

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Associate Professor
Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology Research Institute
City of Scientific Research and Technology Applications
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