Journal of Bioterrorism and Biosafety

Editorial Board Member - JBBS

Robert R. Redfield

Department of Immunology and Microbiology
University of Maryland
United States

Dr. Robert R. Redfield is currently working as a professor and as IHV Associate Director and Director of the Division of Clinical Care and Research, at University of Maryland, Baltimore. He received many honors and awards in his career. He published many articles in international journals. 


Dr. Robert R. Redfield research is mainly focused on clinical research and clinical care of chronic human viral infections, especially HIV. His dominant area of research interest is the development of novel biological approaches to the treatment of chronic viral pathogens with a particular focus of targeting host cell pathways for their therapeutic potential. Several novel areas under active translation investigation include: targeting key biochemical pathways of nucleotide biosynthesis to enhance activity of specific antiretroviral medication; targeting cell activation with specific cell cycles as aprimary treatment target; use of G1 cell cycle agents to down regulate expression of key HIV host cell receptors; use of G1 cell cycles to enhance antiviral activity of HIV entry inhibitors; and the use of HIV specific proteins as therapeutic vaccines.

Other Editorial Board Members - JBBS

HamidReza Naderi

Associate Professor
Department of Infectious Diseases
Imam Reza University Hospital

Manouchehr Mokhtari

Associate Professor
School of Public Health
University of Maryland
United States

Yongchang CAO

State Key Laboratory of Bio control
Sun Yat-sen University

Peter Anderson

Adjunct Associate Professor
Pharmacy Practice
University of Rhode Island
United States

Wen-Quan Zou

Associate Professor
Departments of Pathology and Neurology
Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine
United States

Bryan Krantz

Associate professor
Department of Microbial Pathogenesis
University of Maryland
United States

Inam Danish Khan

Indian Army Medical Corps
Department of Pathology
Command Hospital


Associate Professor
State Key Laboratory of Food Science and Technology
Nanchang University

Baolin Zhang

Division of Therapeutic Proteins
Office of Biotechnology Products
FDA/Center for Drug Evaluation and Research
United States

Lela Bakanidze

Georgian Biosafety Association
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