Journal of Cancer Science and Clinical Oncology

Editorial Board Member - JCS

Michael Gibson

Associate Professor
Department of Medicine
Case Western Reserve University
United States

Dr. Michael K. Gibson was recruited by Dr. Neal Meropol to join the Seidman Cancer Center as a translational investigator in aero-digestive malignancies, with a primary focus on cancers of the head and neck. Along with his colleagues in radiation oncology and head and neck surgery, his goal is to integrate the multi-disciplinary pre-clinical research and clinical trials programs in head and neck cancer at the Seidman. In this role, he leads or co-leads all clinical trials within this domain, manages the clinical trials mechanism through the Cancer Center’s Clinical Research Services and treats patients at the Seidman. After obtaining his MD from Johns Hopkins, he completed an Osler Medical Residency and Medical Oncology Fellowship at Johns Hopkins Hospital while concurrently earning a PhD in Clinical Investigation from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. He leads local and national therapeutic trials for aero-digestive cancers, all with translational laboratory components. His laboratory experiences at the NCI and NIEHS led to a number of publications regarding hormone receptor biology and DNA repair, which led to his translational research focus. His national presence in the field of aero-digestive cancers includes membership in the Esophageal Cancer Committee of ECOG (through which he was the PI on E2205) and the NCI Esophago-Gastric Task Force as well as membership in the NSABP Industry Trials Group. His commitment to the safety and regulation of clinical investigation is supported by his membership in the NCI Central IRB, Chairmanship of the Hillman Cancer Center (HCC) Data, Safety and Monitoring Committee, the HCC Protocol Review Committee, the University of PIttsburgh IRB and the HCC Clinical Research Oversight Committee. The overall goals of his research efforts are to bring novel therapeutics to the treatment of aero-digestive cancers based on rational pre-clinical investigation and in the setting of a patient focus.

  • Aerodigestive cancer
  • Esophageal cancer
  • Head & neck cancers
  • Thyroid cancer
  • Translational therapeutics

Other Editorial Board Members - JCS

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