Journal of Plant Sciences and Crop Protection

Editorial Board Member - JPSCP

Aly Soliman Hamed Derbalah

Pesticides Chemistry and Toxicology Department
Faculty of Agriculture
Kafr-El-Shiekh University

Dr. Aly Soliman Hamed Derbalah work as a professor of Pesticides Chemistry and Toxicology Department, Faculty of Agriculture, Kafr-El-Shiekh University, Egypt. Dr. Aly got his Ph.D. in environmental chemistry of pesticides from Hiroshima University, Japan 2004. His research interest is analysis and remediation technologies of pesticide residues in different environmental matrixes and to find alternatives to pesticides to control agricultural pests. Dr. Aly published 70 papers most of them in international journals. Dr. Aly is editorial board and reviewer for 15 journals in the environmental chemistry and pest control. Dr. Aly published five scientific books in the field of pesticides remediation, analysis, and fate with respect to nanotechnology and its application. Dr. Aly received Egyptian Government Post doctor to National Institute of Materials Science, Tsukuba Japan from October 2013- to April 2014. Dr. Aly is principal investigator and research team member in several research projects (six projects) from Ministry Agriculture and Kaf El-Sheikh University in the field of environmental pollution by pesticide residues and its remediation technologies. Dr. Aly got many prizes such as the best Arab young scientist in sustainable management of water resources in the Arab Region, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia international prize in the environment 2012, incentive state prize in the Agricultural Sciences from Egyptian Academy of Scientific Research 2014 and incentive state prize in the environmental sciences from Egyptian Academy of Scientific Research 2015.

Other Editorial Board Members - JPSCP

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Associate Professor in Pedology
Department of Agricultural Sciences
University of Naples Federico II

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Institute of Science and High Technology and Environmental Sciences

Hani Mansour

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Department of Water Relations & Field /irrigation
National Research Center
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