Journal of Psychiatry and Mental Illness

Editorial Board Member - JPMI

Nevin Fayez Wanis Zaki

Assistant Professor
Psychiatry & Consultant psychiatrist
Mansoura University Hospitals

Dr. Nevin Fayez Wanis Zaki is an assistant professor of psychiatry –Mansoura University Egypt; I am also the manager of sleep research unit at the Department of Psychiatry –Faculty of Medicine –Mansoura University. I had my doctorate degree in a visiting research fellowship at Oxford University –UK. She won the AASM mini-international fellowship twice 2012, 2014. Honored by the Egyptian medical syndicate as the best physician 2015. She Passed the ESRS Somnologist Exam 2016. She Won World sleep day distinguished activity award from the world sleep society in 2017. Research interests in the associations between sleep and psychiatric disorders and circadian rhythm disruptions. 


Other Editorial Board Members - JPMI

Amira Mohammed Ali

Assistant lecturer
Faculty of Nursing
Alexandria University

Arcady Putilov

Chief Researcher
Research Institute for Molecular Biology and Biophysics

Martin A. Katzman

Clinic Director and Staff Psychiatrist
START Clinic for Mood and Anxiety Disorders
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