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Douglas Wilson

School Medicine Pharmacy and Health
Durham University

Dr Wilson’s career spans a number of decades and disciplines, as documented in The Open Nutraceuticals Journal, 2013, 6, (Suppl 1) 51-55 (this supplement honoured his work in nutrition), from life as a junior chemist with technical qualifications (1958-1964), to academician at the University of Wales at Aberystwyth and Cardiff whereupon he joined Professor Keith Griffiths at the Tenovus Institute for Cancer Research in Cardiff (1966) where he worked with an enterprising group of Thais (Danutra et al.)  on diet and endocrinology. The main thrust of early research was directed towards endocrinology of the breast and prostate, some of which was carried out at the Peter MacCallum Clinic at the University of Melbourne (1969-1971), Australia. Emphasis was on cancer intervention using epidemiological evidence and related natural and synthetic products which has blossomed into works on phyto-oestrogens and flavonoids many of which form part of his several hundred publications. Such research evidence-based studies, involving clinical trials and cohort studies required his numerical and statistical expertise gained at technical colleges, and at the universities of Aberystwyth, Melbourne, Minnesota (chronobiology), Cardiff, Limerick (2007), Durham (2008-2014), Southampton (2014-2015) and Swansea (2016). Epidemiological evidence stimulated his understanding of the environment, including space weather, both during his time at the Tenovus Institute (1966-69; 1971-1991) and afterwards in agricultural research (1992-2005), and thereafter, particularly in the areas of Nutrition and Cardiovascular disease and related areas (2008-present) where he has been an invited global speaker at international events in USA, Asia and Europe: he has 400-500 publications in biological sciences.In recognition of his contributions to science he has held senior positions in international and national organizations, memberships of many journal boards and is reviewer for many nutritional, cardiology, statistical and cancer-related journals.  Details are documented in the above-cited journal.

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