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Juan Jose Alava

Research Associate
Faculty of Science
The University of British Columbia

Dr. Juan José Alava is both a marine eco-toxicologist and an environmental scientist and conservation biologist, working as a Researcher at the Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries (IOF), University of British Columbia (UBC). He is also a Research Scientist at the Ocean Pollution Research Program (OPRP), Ocean Wise/Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Centre’s Coastal Ocean Research Institute (CORI). Dr. Alava serves as an Adjunct Professor at the School of Resource and Environmental Management (Faculty of Environment), Simon Fraser University (SFU). His research interests are broad and include environmental toxicology and marine ecotoxicology; food web-bioaccumulation modeling of pollutants and climate change; marine mammals; sea turtles; seabirds; fisheries science and management, climate change, environmental impact and risk assessments, conservation biology; tropical biodiversity and parasitology. Alava holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Universidad de Guayaquil (Ecuador), and a Master of Earth and Environmental Resource Management from the University of South Carolina, Columbia, USA (Fulbright Scholarship, 2002-2004). He obtained his Ph.D. from SFU. He was as a sessional instructor in both SFU and Royal Roads University teaching diverse courses. He is also a collaborating scientist of the Charles Darwin Foundation for the Galapagos Islands and the current Science Director (honorary) of the Ecuadorian Foundation for the Study of Marine Mammals. Alava was also a research associate with the Institute of Ocean Sciences, DFO, Canada. He has published about 65 peer-reviewed publications and was selected as an active member of the Academia of Sciences of Ecuador in 2014. 


Dr. Juan Jose Alava research interests are in Environmental toxicology and chemistry; marine ecotoxicology, food web-bioaccumulation modeling of pollutants (Bioaccumulation Science), sea turtles and marine mammals’ eco-toxicology; marine ecology, conservation biology, tropical biodiversity and ecology, fishery science and management, fisheries reconstruction, impact of climate change in marine organisms and fisheries, population dynamics and conservation of marine mammals, biology and conservation of marine mammals, birds and sea turtles; field ornithology; aquatic microbiology; eco-toxicological risk assessment; environmental impact assessments and environmental policy, public health, tropical parasitology and environmental/conservation medicine.

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