Journal of Environmental Pollution and Control

Editorial Board Member - JEPC

Yunus Dogan

Buca Faculty of Education
Dokuz Eylul University

Dr. Yunus Dogan is a professor in Ecology at Dokuz Eylul University at Buca Faculty of Education. He is a graduate at Ege University (1989), earned master degree in Plant Ecology at Dokuz Eylul University (1994), and Ph.D. in Plant Ecology at Dokuz Eylul University (1999) in Izmir, Turkey. His major research areas are based on Plant Ecology and Ethnobotany, acting on the following subjects: edaphic factors, soil-plant relations, heavy metals, biomonitoring, ethnobiology, medicinal plants, wild edible plants, ethnology of Balkan minorities as well as environmental education etc. He is a member of the editorial board many international journals like Indian Journal of Traditional Knowledge, Emirates Journal of Food and Agriculture, The Open Plant Science Journal, Bulletin of the Faculty of Forestry University of Belgrade, Mediterranean Journal of Biosciences, Austin Food Sciences, The IAFOR Journal of Sustainability, Energy & the Environment, Insights of Forest Research, Annals of Nutritional Food and Current Research, Journal of Medicinal Botany, Digital Chinese Medicine, Journal of Basic and Applied Plant Science, Journal of Advances in Education and Philosophy, etc., and referee of more than forty international and national journals and external thesis reviewer of some Pakistan and South African Universities.

Other Editorial Board Members - JEPC

Andrés Rodríguez Seijo

Department of Plant Biology and Soil Science
Faculty of Sciences - University of Vigo

Prashant Kumar

Chair of Air Quality and Health
University of Surrey

Perihan Akan

Department of Environmental Engineering
Hacettepe University

Mohammad Poshdar

Department of Civil Engineering
University of Auckland
New Zealand

Giuseppe Oliveto

Associate Professor
School of Engineering
University of Basilicata

Bhanu Prakash Mishra

Environmental Science
Mizoram University

Sanjay Kumar Shukla

Program Leader
Discipline of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Edith Cowan University


Department of Zoology
Faculty of Sciences
Charles University
Czech Republic

Adriana Estokova

Head of Department of Material Engineering
Faculty of Civil Engineering
Institute of Environmental Engineering

Juan Jose Alava

Research Associate
Faculty of Science
The University of British Columbia
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