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Fulminant Emphysematous Pyelonephritis: Case Report and Revision of the Literature

A 56-year-old woman with type 2 diabetes mellitus and multiple sclerosis presented to our emergency department with right flank pain, fever (38.6°) and dysuria. A computed tomography (CT) scan showed the right kidney hydronephrosis secondary to ureteral stone, therefore a percutaneous nephrostomy was placed. The next day the patient’s condition deteriorated rapidly; a new CT showed the presence of gas in the right kidney suspicious for emphysematous pyelonephritis (EPB) that needed an emergency nephrectomy. Thirtyfive days later the patient was discharged in good general condition.

Chronic Exposure to Artificial Light Spectra at night alter Neurobehaviour and Neurotransmitter levels in Albino Rats

Artificial light at night has been reported to have significant effects on the physiology and behaviour of animals by its impact on their circadian rhythm. This study investigated the effect of artificial light spectra at night on neurotransmitter activities and neurobehavioural changes in the albino rat. Blue (470 nm) and red (665 nm) lights were used; with ambient light and darkness serving as positive and negative controls, respectively. The rats were exposed to daylight from 6 am to 6 pm and 12 hours of artificial light (6 pm - 6 am) daily (light sources were 13 Watt compact florescent electric bulbs). Neurobehavioural outcomes were measured using the Open Field Test (OFT) and Morris Water Maze (MWM).

Investigation and Countermeasure on the Management Problem of Harmful Domestic Garbage Classification

Garbage classification has always been an important issue in environmental protection, resource recycling and social life. In order to improve the management level and recycling efficiency of hazardous household waste reducing its environmental and social risks, this paper designed targeted questionnaires and a total of 954 valid questionnaires were collected. Through the analysis of 954 effective online questionnaires, the results indicate that there are obvious deficiencies in the cognition of hazardous domestic waste, Classification and collection techniques, and identification of hazardous domestic waste. Some measures were put forward, such as establishing scientific channels for the collection, recycling and disposal of hazardous domestic waste, perfecting the management system and catalogue of hazardous domestic waste. The results provide a reference for scientific and standardized management of hazardous domestic waste.

Numerical Analysis on the Electromechanical Behaviors and Piezotronic Effects Controlled by the Applied of Initial Stress

Based on the linear three-dimensional elastic theory, shear horizontal (SH) wave propagation along the normal direction to the piezoelectric semiconductor plate (PSC) was obtained in the presence of initial horizontal and vertical stresses. The purpose behind obtaining the numerical solutions was to evaluate the effect of stress on dimensionless frequency and phase velocity.