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Neutrosophic Modules

The objective of this thesis is to study neutrosophic R − module . Some basic features and definitions of the classical R − module are expanded. It is clear that every neutrosophic R − module over a neutrosophic ring is a R − module. Also, it is shown that an element of a neutrosophic R − module over a neutrosophic ring can be infinitely conveyed as a linear combination of some elements of the neutrosophic R − module.

Principal Time-Use and School Efectiveness at Gabi-Rasu Zone Secondary Schools

Principals have different duties and responsibility to heads of schools. To better understand the allocation of their time work within the work day lives of principals, this study uses self-rating time-use data for secondary school principals in Gabi-Rasu Zone, Afar national regional state, Ethiopia. This study examines the relationship between the time principals spent on different types of activities and school outcomes including student achievement general education secondary school examination (GESSE) test score. We find that time spent on organization management activities, administration activities, instructional program activities, day-to-day instructional activities, internal relation activities, external relation and other activities are associated with school outcome (student test score). The researcher used a descriptive research design of survey type and gathered data through self-rating time usage data. The sample of this study comprises school principals in the Gabi-Rasu Zone. Thus, eleven public general preparatory secondary high school, two private general secondary high school and fifteen public general secondary high school. There are four research questions were guided this study. The data collected were analyzed through the computation of descriptive statistics, t-test, and contingency table and Univariate correlation. Findings indicated significant relationships between principal time-use and school effectiveness, principal effectiveness, proportion of time of different activity and activities that principals often engaged.