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Evaluation of Different High Tunnel Protection Methods for Quality Banana Production in Bangladesh

High tunnels can provide several benefits to horticultural crops, including environmental stress protection such as hail, frost, excessive rainfall, and high wind. In hot and sunny areas, high tunnel is one of the cooling ways for modifying the microclimate and maximizing crop development. Present study was carried out to assess the effect of different type of high tunnels on banana growth, yield, and fruit quality characteristics. Net houses, poly net houses, UV poly shed houses, and open field (control) conditions are among the experimental treatments. The results revealed that the plants produced in the poly net house condition had maximum pseudo stem height (171.00cm), stem girth (68.66 cm), chlorophyll content (57.63), number of fruits (140), number of hands (9.66), individual fruit weight (125.00) and pulp: peel ratio (3.35) of bananas as compared to the other treatments. Quality parameters like total soluble solid (21.78°Brix), ascorbic acid (10.24 mg/100g), total sugar (25.44%), and reducing sugar (15.75%) were higher in fruits grown in poly net house. The study revealed that the poly net house is the best growing environment for bananas in terms of growth, yield, and quality attributes.

A Rare Case of Vaginal Endometrioma

Endometriosis is a estrogen-dependent disorder commonly found in pelvis or rare instances anywhere in the body. It is benign and has a chronic course. Complaints of pain, tender mass, cyclical association with menstrual cycle are almost pathognomonic. We present a rare presentation of endometriosis as vaginal wall cyst in a 32 year old female and without any clinical history of endometriosis either in past or present. The isolated presentation of endometriosis as a cyst in vagina is a rare presentation. The case is glaring example of occurrence of endometriosis at unusual extra uterine location. It is essential for gynecologists to keep endometriosis as differential diagnosis when encountering similar cysts in vaginal region.

Right Atrial Myxoma with Critical Triple Vessel Disease: A Case Report

Cardiac myxoma are the most common primary heart tumor. It accounts for 40-50% of primary cardiac tumor. Approximately 75% occurs in left atrium and 15-20% in right atrium. Myxoma are usually polypoid, pedunculated lesion with smooth surface covered with thrombus. Most common site of attachment is at the border of fossa ovalis in left atrium but it can occur in any part of atrial wall. Symptoms are produced because of mechanical obstruction with cardiac blood flow, tumor embolization and constitutional symptoms due to increased expressions of IL-6. Echocardiography is the best diagnostic modality to localise the tumor. Surgical excision is the mainstay of treatment of myxoma present in any location.

Mathematical Modeling of Pathological Processes in Alzherimer’s Disease

Using kinetic differential equations and the Runge-Kutt algorithm, an analysis of the pathological processes occurring in the course of Alzherimer’s disease was carried out. Thanks to the appropriately selected kinetic equations, the presented model allows to explain the time course of the growth of pathological proteins: beta-amyloid and tau protein and the related loss of nerve cells. The model is based on previous experimental knowledge of Alzherimer’s diseas and is in good agreement with the experimental data.